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Expanded Main Menu

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File Name: Expanded Main Menu
File Submitter: OrangeMohawk
File Submitted: 16 Aug 2013
File Updated: 20 Aug 2013
File Category: .MAP Mods

Here is Version 2 my expanded main menu. Inspired by recent megalo research and Zedd's Halo 4 Expanded Gametypes mod. This time around I included an Ascension patch just in case anyone is still using that instead of Assembly (but why would you?).

This includes everything listed below:

Armory Customization:
Two valid chest pieces that weren't included on retail now available.

New Custom Games/Firefight Variant Options:
Player Traits:
Health Multiplier
Shield Vampirism
Regen Grenades
Equipment Drop

Forge Editor Traits:
Health Multiplier
Health Recharge Rate
Assassination Immunity
Damage Modifier
Show Name

Overshield & Active Camo's affects on a player can now be Cutomized.

Firefight Skulls:
4 FF skulls - Iron, Thunderstorm, Assassin, & Blind - can now be toggled
(please note Assassin does not make any noticeable changes in-game)

New Options for Existing Setting/Traits:
Team Changing: Balancing Only
Lives per Round: 15, 20, 25, & 50

Primary Weapon: None
Loadouts Primary/Secondary Weapons: Random
Weapon/Melee Damage Modifiers: Instant Kill

Active Camo: Invisible

Shields & Health:
Health Recharge Rate: 10-14 (Not sure what exact values are yet)
Shield Recharge Rate: -10% (Decay)

Player Gravity: 250%, 300% 350%, 400%, 450%, 500%, 550%
Jump Height: 10%, 400%

Time stuff:
18 Minutes added to round time since I had to make a locale for it for Firefight Bonus wave duration.
Anything that utilizes a timer for seconds includes the following up to the max valid entry for that trait: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 (2 min), 180 (3 min), 240 (4 min)
The max valid entries for those are as follows:
Respawn Growth - 15
Respawn Traits Time - 60
Custom Powerup Traits Duration 120 (2 min)
Respawn Time, Suicide/Betrayal Penalty Time - 240 (4 min)
Firefight Bonus Wave Duration includes the values mentioned above, and also 5-10 min, 12 min, 15 min, 18 min

Forge Options:
Respawn Time replaced with Respawn Traits
Added Teams & Team Options menu
Added Weapons & Vehicles menu
Ability to save gametypes (if it's a variant of basic editing, it won't show in the menu.)

Thanks to:
Lord Zedd for this post for the chest pieces, and helping me understand the sily/goof indexes

Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, etc.!

Click here to download this file Edited by SnowyMohawk

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Could u use this on XBL?

No since it is a .map mod and requires a modded console. But whatever you make with it can be transferred over to retail if you wish.

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