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Lord Zedd

Halo 4 Tu Settings For Ksoft

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value0 = rounds per second minvalue1 = rounds per second maxvalue2 = spin up acceleration timevalue3 = spin up deceleration timevalue4 = shots per fire minvalue5 = shots per fire maxvalue6 = fire recovery timevalue7 = soft recovery fractionvalue8 = bloom deceleration timevalue9 = damage error minvalue10 = damage error maxvalue11 = base turning speedvalue12 = dynamic turning speed minvalue13 = dynamic turning speed maxvalue14 = projectile distribution anglevalue15 = projectile error angle minvalue16 = projectile error angle maxvalue17 = heat generated per roundvalue18 = charge percentage subtractionvalue19 = aoe core radiusvalue20 = damage lowervalue21 = damage upper minvalue22 = damage upper maxvalue23 = air damage range minvalue24 = air damage range maxvalue25 = buckshot accuracyvalue26 = buckshot spread


value0 = heat recovery thresholdvalue1 = overheat thresholdvalue2 = heat loss per secondvalue3 = heat illuminationvalue4 = overheated heat loss per secondvalue5 = autoaim anglevalue6 = autoaim longvalue7 = autoaim shortvalue8 = autoaim safe radiusvalue9 = magnetism anglevalue10 = magnetism longvalue11 = magnetism shortvalue12 = magnetism safe radiusvalue13 = deviation angle

And for reference sake, these are the corresponding tag offsets for Assembly to find base values.

The first offset is in the main tag, and the second if any is for inside whatever block the first offset pointed to.



value0 = weap x554>x4value1 = weap x554>x8value2 = weap x554>x178value3 = weap x554>x17Cvalue4 = weap x554>x24value5 = weap x554>x26value6 = weap x554>x28value7 = weap x554>x2Cvalue8 = weap x554>x180value9 = weap x554>x54value10 = weap x554>x58value11 = weap x554>x5Cvalue12 = weap x554>x60value13 = weap x554>x64value14 = weap x554>x78value15 = weap x554>x80value16 = weap x554>x84value17 = weap x554>x15Cvalue18 = weap x554>x164value19 = jpt! x34value20 = jpt! x38value21 = jpt! x3Cvalue22 = jpt! x40value23 = proj x394value24 = proj x398value25 = proj x418>x4value26 = proj x418>x8


value0 = weap x31Cvalue1 = weap x320value2 = weap x32Cvalue3 = weap x344value4 = weap x348value5 = weap x420>x8value6 = weap x420>xCvalue7 = weap x420>x10value8 = weap x420>x14value9 = weap x420>x18value10 = weap x420>x1Cvalue11 = weap x420>x20value12 = weap x420>x24value13 = weap x420>x28

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What is ksoft?


I'm asking because I'm trying to get the weapon/vehicle/player trait data from the halo games, as I detailed in , and if i'm understanding right, the list you posted in the OP is a key to what each value line means in a human readable format.

Ksoft is a gametype editor. Halo 4 was patched at one point to allow modification to weapons in them and this is what can be modified. Only data you can get from gametypes are the tweaks done in specific variants.

And you are better off keeping questions in your thread and linking these threads rather than the other way around.

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