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Waypoint Appearance Guide

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <!--Info in Assembly, WGTZ>Jump To>UI>COMPONENTS>StringID--><msit name="multiplayer\megalo\global">  <names>    <entry name="navpoint_ctf_flag_away" /> <!--Says "PROTECT"-->      <entry name="navpoint_ctf_flag_carrier" /> <!--Says "KILL" for enemy or neutral team when flag is held, "PROTECT" for friendly-->      <entry name="navpoint_ctf_flag_normal" /> <!--Says "CAPTURE" for enemy or neutral team, "DEFEND" for friendly-->      <entry name="navpoint_ctf_flag_return" /> <!--Says "PROTECT" - StringID is "deliver"-->      <entry name="navpoint_dom_last_stander" /> <!--Says "KILL"-->      <entry name="navpoint_flood_player" /> <!--Crimson red downward arrow, no text-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction" /> <!--Says "EXTRACT"-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_beacon" /> <!--Says "DISARM" if on enemy team, "PROTECT" on friendly, "EXTRACT" on neutral-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_beacon_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_se_beacon" /> <!--Says "CONVERT" if on enemy team, "PROTECT" on friendly, "EXTRACT" on neutral-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_se_beacon_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_player_beacon" /> <!--Says "PROTECT" (friendly), "KILL" (enemy), "BEACON" (neutral)-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_incoming" /> <!--Says "INCOMING" if neutral, "DEFEND" if friendly, "CAPTURE" if enemy-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_extraction_red" /> <!--Says "CONVERT" if on enemy team, "PROTECT" on friendly, "EXTRACT" on neutral-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_flood" /> <!--Seems to be related to safe havens according to Assembly. Should say "HAVEN" when attached to an object. Untested-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_flood_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_koth" /> <!--Says "CAPTURE" (enemy/neutral) or "DEFEND" (friendly)-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_koth_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_koth_incoming" /> <!--Says "INCOMING" if neutral, "DEFEND" if friendly, "CAPTURE" if enemy-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_koth_timer" /> <!--variant of navpoint_megalo_koth with a timer on it-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_koth_timer_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_oddball" /> <!--A big, white, useless box. Supposed to say "DEFEND" (friendly) or "SCORE" (enemy/neutral)-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_oddball_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_general" />      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_general_blink" /> <!--Blink of above-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_message_power" /> <!--Not visible-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_message_hostile" /> <!--A 2D HUD waypoint, accepts BountyText-->      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_one_row" />      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_two_row" />      <entry name="navpoint_megalo_three_row" />      <entry name="navpoint_oddball_player_blink" /> <!--Says "BALL"-->      <entry name="navpoint_oddball_player_friendly_only" /> <!--Inherits navpoint_oddball_player, shows to friendly only-->      <entry name="navpoint_oddball_goal" /> <!--Says "DEFEND" (friendly), "SCORE" (enemy/neutral)-->      <entry name="navpoint_oddball_player" /> <!--Says "BALL" if neutral, "ESCORT" if friendly, "KILL" if enemy-->      <entry name="navpoint_oddball_thrown" /> <!--Says "THROWN"-->      <entry name="navpoint_oddball_trailing" /> <!--Says "DROPPED"?-->      <entry name="navpoint_regicide" /> <!--Says "BOUNTY %n" for enemy team, "PROTECT" for friendly team, no text for a neutral team. Inherits icon from object, no override-->      <entry name="navpoint_strong_base" /> <!--Says "CAPTURE"-->      <entry name="navpoint_strong_base_countdown" /> <!--Says "FORTIFYING" (friendly) or "CAPTURE" (enemy/neutral), has meter around outer edge-->      <entry name="navpoint_strong_base_defend" /> <!--Says "DEFEND" (friendly) or "CAPTURING" (enemy)-->      <entry name="navpoint_strong_base_fort" /> <!--Says "CAPTURE"-->      <entry name="navpoint_strong_base_fort_countdown" /> <!--Says "RESUPPLYING"or "CAPTURE" (enemy/neutral) - should have a timer???-->      <entry name="navpoint_strong_base_fort_defend" /> <!--Says "DEFEND" (friendly) or "CAPTURING" (enemy)-->    </names>  </msit>

I always have issues finding this so I'm going to post it here. Credits to Teancum for this.

Edited by Matt
Split from "Miscelleanous Questions" thread since it's of high importance.
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