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A semi-symmetrical game mode where your team must fight for neutral beacons, capturing each

one at their terminal in order to move on to the next phase.The second phase can be one of

two styles: Warheads and Manual Damage. Warheads will prime a bomb on your terminal,

and will allow your team to arm it on the enemies terminal, and defend it until

detonation. This adds points to your team. Manual damage turns the game

into almost Generator Defense type of play, where your team must

manually destroy the built cores on the enemies reactor.


On 6/21/2016 at 0:26 AM, Pfeuff said:

New File Browser link for Reactors >

   and Longbow for this Gametype >


Note: if the link I post doesn't work, try replacing the gamertag (.../Halo4/"Pfoiffee"/fileshare/...) with your own (which was linked to Halo 4 stats).



You can configure many many aspects of gameplay in the game options, as well as the map. The map playing this mode has a lot of control over how gameplay undergoes. Game options are as extensive as I could include, as well as User Data has functions as well. What is really neat about this mode is that it is truly three gametypes individually as well as default Reactors. To elaborate, setting the score to win to be lower or equal to all collective beacon capture points will result in a multi-neutral flag gametype. Setting the Beacon Retrieval Points to "Skip This Phase" will entirely skip the first phase and put both teams into the second phase of gameplay. If this option is selected, and you have Manual Damage enabled, then you have just created Generator Defense. However, if you set Warheads to be the game style, then you have just created a form of Assault. Disarming the bomb is done by the defending team getting the armed bomb out of their base before it blows up. One Reactor is allowed to make asymmetrical Generator Defense.



You must have on your map:

At least...

1 rctr_terminal (This is where you capture beacons and take the primed warhead)

2 rctr_core's (These are the cores, which collectively build your reactor)

These are core functions and offer bare-minimum gameplay.


You should have on your map:

2 rctr_spawn_zone's (These involve base medals and disarming of the bomb)

3+ rctr_beacon's (These will spawn the neutral beacons to capture during the first phase)

These allow for full functionality for all options.


You may have on your map:



These make the map more interesting, mixing up gameplay with rising barricades and automated turrets.


Wanna make a map but a little confused?

Here's the walkthrough:


Each base should have a dominion terminal (although the terminal can be other pieces and still work), and have a boundary on the terminal that's not too large. The boundary controls arming the bomb and automatic capturing. The terminal needs a label.

Another thing is base zones should cover the general entire shape of the base, this is because to disarm a bomb you must get it out of these zones before detonation. These zones also allow for base offense/defense medals. The zones need a label.

Cores are required to have a functional reactor. Cores can be made of any explosive piece, or shield doors. Cores need a spawn sequence (controls order of showing up, starting with 1), and a label.

Turrets and dominion barricades are dynamic and will fortify themselves when their spawn sequence matches the cores you've built. These require a label and (of course) spawn sequence.

Beacons can be on any objective piece, and simply need a label.

Vpads do nothing at the moment.

To incorporate resupply drops, make Objective Ordnance Drops on the map, and set them to either alpha_resupply (red team), or bravo_resupply (blue team). These will drop weapons when you have built your reactor.

In the game options, you may set "Beacon Retrieval Points" to be Skip This Phase in order to skip the beacons gameplay.

The "Cores In Each Reactor" number should match however many cores are on the map for each (or only) reactor.

To make asymmetrical gameplay, you only need one reactor, but keep in mind that Warheads does not support asymmetrical gameplay.


Report any bugs here.



-Cashew (and Thunder, for helping with the core destruction and more.)

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Immediate Issue: Can only play this gametype on maps that support Dominion. Kinda cuts down the quality of it drastically.



Ok, so after messing around with this, I have to say that this is probably the most polished custom gametype I've ever come across!

However, with that, I've managed to find 2 things that are somewhat bothersome that I feel would polish it up a bit more.


-Cores in Each Reactor Option: It would probably be beneficial to add a visible numeric value onto the "Defend" waypoint per team to indicate how many more cores are needed before a warhead is primed. I'd assume use this options current value so it displays the number needed, and after each core is captured, to decrease that value by 1 until it hits 0, in which the value will just disappear or show 0.


-Option for Phase Cycling: I've noticed that once you complete the first phase, the game goes into the second phase, which is normal. However, completing the second phase does nothing and requires constant warhead "detonations" or protections ala Generator Defense. It would be nice if there was an option that would send the game BACK to phase 1 for the team that completes their objective. This means a team would have to re-capture beacons in order to get another warhead. I thought this was how it was going to work, but was disappointed that it doesn't. Is it dependent on the amount of captured beacons? (3 beacons means 3 warheads?) Or is it just going to stay in phase 2 until game end? An option to cycle this would be great.

Edited by TAxxOUTBR3AKxx

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New File Browser link for Reactors >

   and Longbow for this Gametype >


Note: if the link I post doesn't work, try replacing the gamertag (.../Halo4/"Pfoiffee"/fileshare/...) with your own (which was linked to Halo 4 stats).

Edited by Pfeuff

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