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On 6/18/2016 at 7:20 PM, cirith5 said:

why not just get a flash drive?

I still would have to move stuff between the devices first (like i said, i don't have my original xbox 360 anymore).  Can't do that without some transfer medium.  Anyways, I managed to find an xbox 360 transfer cable. 


20 hours ago, Pfeuff said:

You tried my link? Can you take a screenshot of what you see when the page loads?

Unfortunately, it looks like I actually had most of my gametypes lying on a flash drive that is long gone.  All I have appears to be Hostage Rescue, synths race and speed limit, object combine, sharpshooter, and gun game.  I also can compile my rest of mine from source.

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Do you have Halo 4 running on your XB360 when you try to download the file? The download will appear in the game, but it's usually delayed so it may take a few minutes to actually show up.

Edited by Pfeuff

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You know, I've been looking for this for awhile but i never really looked up what the labels do. I was wondering if i could get help with that too?

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A Guide To…





7 Objectives, Tier-based gameplay, new Dynamic Labels, Countless Innovations.


Goal of the Gametype

With Plague, I often found myself immersed in the game as we would struggle as a team to fend off the Flood while huddling around a terminal, waiting for the doors to open. Plague brought the story of Infection away from traditional slayer characteristics, and closer to the realm of a real battle type of feeling. I wanted more of this, and I had previously heard many requests, and a great gametype idea by Insanmiac (Incursion). What I decided to do, was make something comparable to Invasion, but even more. I wanted to allow the most imaginative scenarios ever designed by the community to no longer be dreams, but a forge-able environment. Think about a tower, and humans must fight to the top, blowing out doors, hacking vaulted gates, and building bridges to make their way to the rooftop, where they must defend the top for minutes to survive and win. Imagine a warehouse, with catwalks lining the ceiling. Humans must stand atop these walkways firing down at Flood trying to stop the Spartan carrying a package through the center of the building. Picture walking into a room, the announcer says: "Lights Out!", and a floodlight turns off, leaving you in darkness. These environments are simply examples of what is possible with Salvation. Don't forget that you can still have Stationary gameplay, just change an option and you now can make Safe Havens from Halo: Reach, Flood Assault, and more. Everything that you want to do with Flood is now possible with Salvation.



Basic Idea of Gameplay

We have many configurations of objectives, and dynamic labels and functions here. The general idea is that you can have any of the 6 objectives going simultaneously, where parallel to this you have triggers that can activate custom functions, as well as be activated by a tier progression. Humans earn points via objective interactions, Flood earn points through conversions. The last three humans are marked as the last men standing, and they cannot be infected, but when killed, need to be revived. If the round ends by all humans converting and the last three dead, the Flood win. If the Humans complete every objective, they win. If the time runs out, except for Havens and Generator Defense, the game ends in a draw.



Things to Note

Many aspects are different of this gametype than normal Flood, as I wrote the gametype from nothing, and not from Flood.

-If you are Flood, and Interactive Flood Loadouts is enabled, then you will see three loadouts. The first, with no armor ability, is a standard Flood. The second, with Thruster Pack, is the Quick Flood; with higher speed but weaker in strength. Third is the Xray, giving way to the Heavy Flood. It comes with slow speed, but highly increased strength.

-As an Alpha Flood, you may sprint, and you stay an Alpha through the entire round.

-Plague's Slow Infection has returned, too. Expect to be on your toes healing teammates!

-If Convert on Death is enabled, watch out for the red icon on your screen, it indicates a flood will be spawning there any second.

-When in the Final Squad Standing, make sure that you know when your teammates are downed, because you have to go over their death location to revive them manually.

-Using the bridge label is a little bit touchy with where you place the object, and it is required to set it's 'Place at Start' option to False. Make sure there aren'y many items near it or it won't spawn.

-After buying a weapon from a weapon dispenser, make sure to look away from the terminal to grab the weapon.

-Here's a little run down on the dynamic labels: Positive Spawn Sequence will result in the label activating when it's Spawn Sequence matches the current tier. Negative Spawn Sequence labels activate when the positive User Data of a forge trigger being triggered matches the Negative Spawn Sequence of the labelled object. This system allows for User Data to be free for the Dynamic Labels.

Heres a visual:

+SS = Current Tier

-SS = +UD of Trigger

-For advanced settings with the Spawn Zones, keep in mind that they can be activated via trigger. If they are the only way to deactivate them is to label the zone 'slv_gate', and have it be deleted by a forge trigger. For the channel, remember that Negative Spawn Sequence = User Data of the Trigger.

Spawn Zones follow this format...

Off: Not Current, or Trigger-able & Not Activated (SS = -1).

On: Current, or Trigger-able and Activated (SS = -1).






These tell what each label does and how to use it. The first tier is 1 for Spawn Sequences.



Objective Labels


slv_haven                    |objective

            An area for humans to receive traits and earn kill points.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

            User Data: Haven designation; start with 1

slv_terminal                |objective

            A switch that must be activated.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

            User Data: Time to Capture (Cannot be greater than 30)

slv_beacon                  |objective

            A beacon to deliver to the drop zone.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

slv_forge_beacon        |objective

            Any forge item to deliver to the drop zone.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

slv_drop_zone             |objective

            Capture Zone for a beacon.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

slv_bomb                     |objective

            The bomb objective.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

slv_plant_zone            |objective

            Plant Zone for a bomb.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

            User Data: Time to Arm

slv_rescue_point         |objective

            Area for all Humans to enter to capture this objective.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

slv_generator              |objective

            Destructible objects that must be defended by the Humans can destroyed by the Flood.

            Spawn Sequence: Tier

            User Data: Resupply Drop Channel






Dynamic Labels



slv_forge_trigger         |trigger

            Triggers dynamic items. Accessed via: boundary, switch, or destruction.

            Spawn Sequence: Type of activation




            User Data: Channel



slv_spawn_zone          |spawning |tier activated |trigger activate-able

            Dynamic respawn point zone for flood that changes per tier.


            Spawn Sequence: Tier

            User Data: Forge Trigger Channel (If Spawn Sequence = -1)



slv_gate                       |tier activated |trigger activated

            Deletes when triggered.

            Spawn Sequence

                        Negative: Forge Trigger Channel

                        Positive: Tier Activation



slv_bridge                    |tier activated |trigger activated

            Spawns in when triggered.

            Spawn Sequence

                        Negative: Forge Trigger Channel

                        Positive: Tier Activation



slv_upgrade                 |tier activated |trigger activated

            Extends and turns on dominion pieces. Being in the boundary of one will award you infinite ammo.

            Spawn Sequence

                        Negative: Forge Trigger Channel

                        Positive: Tier Activation

            User Data: Display on Screens/ Barricade Extending Style


                        -1=Start Extended



                        1=Fortifying Complete


                        3=Resupplying Complete

                        4=Base Contested

                        5=Blank Online



slv_function                 |tier activated |trigger activated

            Plays advanced cinematics and more.


            Spawn Sequence

                        Negative: Forge Trigger Channel

                        Positive: Tier Activation


            User Data: Type of Cinematic

                        -3=Show Boundary

                        -2=Unhide Object (Show normally invisible objects)

                        -1=Hide Object

                        1="Lights Out"



                        4="Base Captured"

                        5="Home Defender"

                        6="We, Live, Again!"

                        7=Explosion occurs

                        8=Alternate Explosion occurs

                        9=Electricity Beam

                        10=Screen Flash




            Dispenses a weapon that costs points to activate.

            Spawn Sequence: Weapon



                        2 or 3=Assault Rifle

                        4 or 5=Battle Rifle



                        8 or 9=Shotgun

                        10=Sticky Detonator


                        12=Spartan Laser

                        13=Sniper Rifle


                        15=Rocket Launcher

                        16=Incineration Cannon

            User Data: Cost (in points)






With Salvation, you can create the ultimate atmosphere for your Flood maps. The dynamic labels offer every possible tool to the forger and allow for not only amazing functional maps, but revolutionary aesthetics.

There are two means of activating the dynamic labels: by a forge trigger, or by tier. Forge triggers can be turned on via boundary, switch, or destruction. By tier means that when the current tier reached the spawn sequence of the object, then it will activate. Refer to the labels list above to see how to set the forge labels up.

Ideas for what you can create with these range from the perfect Nazi Zombies mode to a 10 minute long campaign full of explosions and more.

If you want to make the announcer say something when a player walks into a room, done. If you want doors to close behind this player? Done. Do you want those vents in the ceiling to open up for Flood to pour in as the human drowns in infected corpses? Done.

If you have a map that you don't want a ton of objectives cluttering, just a clean, and classic linear map, you can chose to enable the 'Non-Objective Tiers' option to have linear tier-based gameplay without objectives and with kill points. Enabling this is good for having progressive spawning and utilizing the dynamic labels such as gate and bridge. If you enable this you will need an alternative way to end the round other than by time. You can set a score to win *or you can set the 'Objective Points' option to 'End Round,' so that the first and final objective you capture ends the round*. If you do this, I recommend using the 'Rescue Point' as the final objective, for it suits this scenario most cleanly.

Progressive Flood spawning has never been as efficient as it is now. Simply lay and label spawn zones over Flood respawn points and set the spawn sequence for perfect progressive Flood spawning.

The weapon dispenser label can offer some great moments in your game; An ammo icon is visible to players within a certain range to indicate... well... ammo. When you buy your weapon, it will have a temporary icon above it. Make sure not to accidentally buy another weapon when picking it up!

The gate label works best to open doors, blow up bridges, and expand new areas of the map.

The bridge label is very touchy, and won't spawn if there are objects or players near it. These work best for low piece count bridges and any floating objects.

The upgrade label activates dominion objects, there is a ton that you can do with these types of objects, including closing and opening doors, showing displays on screens, and anything else you can think of. Being in the boundary of an activated dominion upgrade will give you unlimited ammo and a banner, informing you of it.






Salvation is the gametype that has arguably the most ground-breaking features in one experience. In less time and with less effort than it took to make Invasion (220+ total hours of work), Salvation is more efficient and offers more possibilities than anything before, not to forget that it's all written from the ground-up. The weapon dispenser is an all new thing to enter the world of customs. A while ago, I made a 'random' weapon dispenser out of around 2000$ of forge pieces, but it was difficult to incorporate into anything. With the new label, all you need is one piece, and the gametype does the rest. Dynamic labels have been seen before, but now are hybrid activatable; By either tier or trigger. The function label is the first ever user-controlled method of playing announcer messages on command. You have all the unique and practical cut sound messages from Supremacy right at your fingertips. With 7 objectives, Salvation is the supreme tool for creating any combination of campaign that you can imagine. Not only is it one of two gametypes that has individual objectives in a tier-based gameplay style, but it stands above in the way that the varying objectives can occur simultaneously. The first objective captured will move on to the next tier. 'Last Man Standing' has always been a part of Infection. Now, Salvation has taken it to the next level; an option for the former, or... Final Squad Standing. This is where the last three humans cannot be infected, but must revive each other when one has been killed. Reviving one-another will give a 2 second overshield, similar to when you heal a player.





Report any bugs and/or questions to Cashew!



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I'm honestly very disappointed I didn't play this.  I had a lot of stuff in my life change right around the time of this release and completely missed out.  @cirith5 If you have friends to play with, I'd love to join in.

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New File Browser links for Maps:

                      Arrival >

Ascendance Tower >

             Purification >


Note: if the link I post doesn't work, try replacing the gamertag (.../Halo4/"Pfoiffee"/fileshare/...) with your own (which was linked to Halo 4 stats).

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I am one of the few people who still play the gametype, yet the link to the DropBox guide for Salvation is no longer functional. Could someone perhaps repost it or fix the link for me?

Edit: Nevermind that! I found what I was looking for.

Edited by TimotheosFraser
Solution found

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Here's another problem I'm having.

I am trying to create a dynamic spawning sequence for infected players using the trigger channel as the survivors move throughout the course.

'Spawn Sequence' has been set to -1, 'User Data' has been set to its corresponding trigger number. Yet it's still turning out to be random. Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. Does the User Data need to be positive or negative? Is the team setting for the spawn zones important?

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