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C / C++
[WIP] Xbox XEX decompiling/searching PowerPC Help

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Hi XboxChaos first post here but from looking through these thread i feel my question would be answered, i hope :)


Im currently working on making a Real-Time-Editing tool for Borderlands the Pre-sequel, i understand how to get the float values and poke them in real time and look for a change, the only progress ive found out of 530 floats is gui scale, everything else either glitches out the game or does nothing at all.

So i then went back into ida and looked at the names before the entry point, i saw 
cheat,cmd and hack -----
does anyone know how i could dump all commands (like jump_height for cod)
and or remove cheat protection (if there is any) by Nop the functions.
i understand the basics of PPC, not enough to progress though.


Im basically looking for editable values to then hopefully find fun mods (which can then later be incorporated into the original xex) such as Gravity/Friction/Jump height/Speed. Or maybe also like COD theres a Server CMD send command which then you can send commands to (but i would have to dump them first)


ive found a few tutorials online on how to mod XEX's from decompressing to decompiling to then search for every float value, but like i said when i poke the values to my RGH either nothing will happen or it will glitch so hard it crashes haha


Any help would be appreciated

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