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Halo 3 - How To Weld Any Item In First Person

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Didnt see a tutorial for this any where so here it is

so for this tutorial i will be using the crow bar and the gravity hammer on sandtrap (

1.)Scroll down to the gravity hammers weap tag

2.)Scroll down to first person use 1-1 if your using a elite and 1-0 if your using a spartan and change the model to objects\gear\human\industrial\crowbar\crowbar


3.)Goto the gravity hammers first person jmad: 





4.)In skeleton nodes and find a name that looks suitable im gonna use the one with the name of shaft


5.)Goto the crowbars mode tag.

6.)Scroll down to nodes and change the name of crowbar to shaft.





7.)Scroll down to default rotations and change them to these


8.)Scroll down a little bit to inverse position X,Y, and Z and move the object around


Note: These Rotations and Positions might be different for different models these are just what i found and I liked

Positions :

X: 0

Y: -0.025

Z: -0.15


In Game Picture:


In Game Video:





Q:Why do i rename the crowbar to shaft?

A:Cause it is already in the jmad and it is a name that is in the gravity hammers mode tag which is linked to the jmad 

Example: The gravity hammer has two nodes one named shaft and one named hammer in the jmad in the Skeleton Nodes at the end and it also has two named shaft and hammer in its mode tag

Example 2:The assault rifle has 4 names gun, magazine, ophandle and safety which are all both in the mode tag and skeleton nodes in the jmad tag so if i wanted to make the assault rifle a crowbar(or anything else)i would apply the same tutorial but instead of renaming crowbar in the crowbars mode tag I would rename it gun, magazine, ophandle or safety and change the first person model in the weap tag to the model wanted but might still need to move and rotate it.

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I know this is kinda an old topic, but what about 3rd person models? It works great for me with the first person models but when I try to make the same changes in hlmt for the 3rd person model, it seems to have no effect. I tried the same steps with the skeleton node but no matter what, I can't get the 3rd person model to match the first person model. The only thing I can change is the scale for 3rd person, but the rotations and positions are unaffected.

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I always do dat shit this way. So before I try to edit anything on the mode tag Im planing to use as a first person mode, I would duplicate it so I have 2 of the mode tags. The modified one for first person and the other untouched one for the 3rd person in HLMT.

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