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 Well here's a little mini game, that few will play, I threw together that resembles Tron.


File Share Download

If you prefer CON files, you can find them here; courtesy of FreedTerror; need to be rehashed and resigned to a profile


So the premise is pretty simple, go fast enough and zones will spawn behind you that kill anyone that enters them.

Pointless Picture


In the settings you will find the options to... what vehicle for everyone to spawn in.

...remove weapons from those vehicles. a minimum speed at which everyone must at least travel.

...enable rally points like in Rocket Race. the amount of points for killing an enemy with your "light ribbon," your zones. [tested locally] the amount of points for killing a friendly with your light ribbon. [tested locally] kill, death, suicide, and betrayal points. for how long the zones stay before being deleted, the more players the shorter you'll want.

...enable bro-spawning. player size.

Disabling friendly fire will make it so that friendlies can drive through your light ribbon unharmed.

If you think the minimum speed feature drains players' health too fast simply give them more health within the base player traits menu.


A lot of the gametype labels carry over from my Mythic Slayer gametypes but not all.

The gametype label rally_flag is used for the rally points option and are the same labels as used in rocket race.


I won't lie, I know it could be better and I haven't really been able to test it with many people over Xbox Live so, I'll have the .xml file available here to view if you're interested.  By the way, it uses code from .4912.


I will also say that I forgot to require the map to have the vehicles so don't expect to say spawn in tanks on Countdown.

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