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Repainting Weapons etc.

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Programs I will be using:

  • DXTBmp
  • Zmodeller2 (not necessary)

examples of what can be dene with this:

Step 1:

After choosing the weapon(s) you wish to repaint, you must extract the corresponding “_diffuse” bitmap as a “.dds”. This is the primary bitmap and holds the colour and the detail.

For this tutorial, I will be reskinning a sniper rifle and a shotgun to show different techniques and one of the things that cannot be done on most bitmaps.


Step 2:

Open the weapon dds with DXTBmp. You should see something like this:

The first time you open this you will need to press the button under the alpha image (should be an ms paint logo) to select as your image editor. (Other programs will work, but the tutorial will be using

When the editor is set as, double-click the main image, which will be loaded into

You will want the “tools”, “layers” and “colors” boxes open while editing. From here I will show you how to do different things, for example making a rust effect, and provide useful links at the end.



To save what you have done you can simply hit save in Then go back to DXTBmp and (on the top toolbar) go to image – Reload after edit. Then (in DXTBmp) save as targa with alpha. If you have used layers in, you will need to “flatten” the image first. DO NOT close if you think you may tweak your image later. To preview a bitmap I prefer to use Stu’s tutorial (link below), although I personally use Zmodeler2.


Painting colors:

Say, for example, you want a sniper rifle with a red front barrel. It will be easy to just paint over it, but in doing that you WILL lose the detail.

Create a new layer above the background and set the mode to “multiply”


Now you can paint on the barrel (or any other part) and retain the detail from the diffuse map.


On the model:


You can also use the Xbox Chaos background instead of plain colours:


Adding logos:

Most of the time, this should be avoided, as the textures are mapped so that they are symmetrical, the logo will always be backwards on one side. One of the few exceptions to this is one part of the sniper rifle:


This can have logos on it that work correctly, but most of the time asymmetrical logos should be avoided.



Adding rust/weathering:

Rust can add a nice effect to a weapon that is meant to look old and damaged and can be created with relative ease.

First you need to select the colours you want in the rust, I generally use a brown (hex: 7F3300, Opacity: 255) and a clear (Hex: any, Opacity: 0)

Then you want to go to effects > render > clouds.


These are the kind of settings I usually use (note that I have used a multiply layer for the effect). If you have used a separate layer then the blend mode is unnecessary. The reseed just changes where the main spots are. Selecting an area before selecting the effect will only affect that area.

This is a very rough version and not isolated to any specific area properly:


Change the colours to get an effect that you like.



This is a rust mask I made a while back, so here it is in .png format for you to use freely. This was generated by multiple layers of the rust effect I just showed you.


Extra advice:

  • Inject into a donor map, and then your mod, to save on space.
  • Apply using the _rubber shaders to avoid the alpha making them shinier than most mirrors
  • Don’t drink and drive


Useful links:

DXTBmp homepage: homepage:

Stu’s bitmap preview tut:

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Jesus christ, DXT.


I remember using that when I was like, 9 years old. (10 Fecking years ago)

But it works... I first used it for Microsoft train simulator.

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Never figured out the custom material/color injections, but I'm willing to try again soon.

i'll walk you through the process I use over PM if you want

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On 30‏/12‏/2018 at 8:41 PM, The Vengeful 'Vadam said:

I can't get any dds files to show the preview in DXTBMP. I'm stuck :/

me too

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