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Halo: CE
Release: Halo Custom Edition by AltSierra117

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Hello, today I'm releasing my custom campaign maps for anyone interested.


Tags used, created and customized by me such as the Old Playback Banshee which gave me inspiration  
from the Halo Beta design, the original Bungie tags were customized and edited to my own preferences.

This campaign also uses tag fixes made by a group of people who worked on the campaign called "Halo Combat Evolved Refined"
Reddit  →
Discord →

Disclaimer: Some tags were also used from the Campaign Map Team who developed "Lumoria", stands for User Interface and it was was not created
by me, but the "HaloCERefined" team.
Most of the missing shaders that were corrupted are now fully functioning thanks to the "HaloCERefined" team.

If you are interested in some tags available in this custom campaign, you can use the HEK+ Plus which can be found inside the "Programs & Tools" folder.
Or you can get them from the Discord link given above.
*Note* Be carefull when ripping/extracting tags because it may, or may not occur problems while the tags are being extracted from the maps.

It is recommended to use the latest Halo Custom Edition patch version 1.0.10 which can be found inside of the "Programs & Tools" folder.
It is also recommended to use the latest Open Sauce which can be found inside of the "Programs & Tools" folder.

How to install: Just copy and paste the "maps" folder to your Halo Custom Edition root and overwrite the existing files, or don't forget
to backup your own files.

---------------------------------------- New ----------------------------------------

This campaign mod now has compatibility for Chimera plugin!
To install it, download "HaloCE_chimera_build_-572.rar" extract the file "chimera.dll" and drop into your controls folder in your Halo CE directory.
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\Controls"

I also included an file called "chimerasave.txt", this file automatically fixes the scope mask and it also can fix a bunch of other settings.
To use the pre-settings head to "C:\"Users"\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\Chimera\" and paste the file "chimerasave.txt"
To see what commands does Chimera have, simple open the console in-game, and type the command
: chimera

There is also another plugin that makes the graphics a little more colored and also improves game stability (FPS drops).
This one is called ENBSeries, a plugin which was made for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and it has compatibility with Halo.
Halo CE - ENBSeries is added to the Tools folder.
To install extract the content from the "Halo CE - ENBSeries.rar" over your Halo directory. It will be enabled by default, to enable/disable press Shift+F12

Link to package here ← Link updated (December 25th 2020).

Have fun : )


Edited by AltSierra117
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Really can't wait for mod kind of sad the old one got delete it

Edited by Hillion

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