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Halo 2 AI Firefight - ODST Squad vs Covenant

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A squad of ODSTs face off against 3 waves of Covenant troops. The difficulty starts at Easy and when the ODSTs eliminate all opposing troops they progress to Normal, if they all die, well... They still progress through the difficulties. Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary. Place your bets in the comments - what difficulty will the ODSTs reach before being eliminated?
If you have a suggest of what you'd like to see, leave a comment. Not all of my AI videos will be a Firefight type scenario, some will be plain Battles and other random Halo shenanigans.
If people are interested in wanting to play the modded map, I might upload it, the only change in the scenario is the beginning encounter so the rest of the level is unchanged, but if you want to give it a shot - you can.
The mod relies on the already respawning/spawning wave mechanic the mission already uses, all I did was change what spawned and which spawns I wanted used.


Map Download

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