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Halo: CE
Halo CE AI Battle - Marines v Jackals

Halo AI Battle Ideas   4 members have voted

  1. 1. What would you like to see next? (if other, comment)

    • Grunts v Crewmen
    • Grunts v Infection Forms
    • Elites v Marines
    • Hunters v Elites

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*Didn't think this post fitted the 'Showboat Time' or 'Youtube Page"' sections because it isn't Halo 2, it's Halo CE*
Here's a very simple Halo CE AI Battle, with Marines fighting Jackals.
The rules are simple:
Each time a team loses they gain a unit - for example 1 Marine kills 1 Jackal, the next round will be 1 Marine fighting 2 Jackals.
Every third unit is a upgraded unit - for example the third Marine the team gains (after losing 2 fights) will have a Shotgun instead of an Assault Rifle.
The first team to lose the fight with 10 units loses - 10 Marines v 6 Jackals, if the Jackals kill the 10 Marines the Jackals win the AI Battle.


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