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Need Advice Concerning RGHs

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I recently bought 2 phat xbox 360 pros (one falcon & one jasper) with the intent of RGHing them so I can play on mod maps (and possibly one day learn to mod myself) but I don't want to RGH the consoles myself as I'm not confident in my ability to open up the console (every time I open something up to do something, it ends up breaking in the end) and change things using soldering (which I've had not experience with) and chips. So I want to know if you guys can introduce me to someone who is well known and reliable and will RGH my consoles for me (either for free or for a price). I also want to know how much space the hard drives should have for the RGHs. Once I have everything set up of course, I would like to know how to play  on modded maps (such as Blizzard or Mind Powers v2 or Firefight Zombies: Downfall).




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