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Halo 6 Fanmade Soundtrack

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*DISCLAIMER: This is FANMADE. I do not own the rights of Halo and this has nothing to do with the official soundtrack* 

I would like to announce a project I've been working on: The Fanmade Halo 6 soundtrack. I am looking forward to creating a full soundtrack with new themes for The Banished, More Blue Team Suites, Osiris Suites and new additions. It will also include influences from the original themes. 

Here is the first track, it's called Him. You will notice the 117 motif along with a twist on the iconic Halo theme in the beginning. Let me know what you guys think about it, feedback is appreciated :lol:

Halo 6 Fanmade Soundtrack: Him (Opening)

Meanwhile, enjoy this track and think about where this would be used in a Halo scenario and follow me on SoundCloud (I have alot more Halo stuff and other cool music there xD)

My Soundcloud


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