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Halo 3 Mythic - Campaign Functionality FIXED

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Hello all. I would like to apologise for any confusion this caused/causes. This mod doesn't add the campaign maps into Halo 3 Mythic, you will need to obtain the maps from Halo 3 to use this mod. Why make it then? Because I just did, okay? Anyways, the mod is now ready for release! You may download it here

Note: You will need a modded .xex for this, which Lord Zedd has already graciously provided a patch for that you can find here.

Thanks to Xerax for their original "How to edit the mainmenu" tutorial which got me very, very lost but did help me have a general idea of what I was looking for when it came to mainmenu stuff.

Also please keep in mind that this is the first version, the next (whenever it comes out) will have Campaign scoring and Skulls added back in.

[Update 04 July 2017]: I can make no promises of campaign scoring and skulls making a return in the next version. The next version WILL not build off of this one as it was never really intended for a public release and releasing it was a last minute thought. I'd removed useless features that don't appeal to me in the slightest and that I never use, however I do recognise that some people would in fact use such features. Please open the spoiler below for details on a future release of this mod.

[Update 07 July 2017]: I can make such promises. Campaign scoring and skulls do work and I just assumed they didn't because the "<_x_button/> Edit Campaign Options" string doesn't display. Either I will make it display properly or I'll do it in a hacky way, though it's not a main concern of mine right now. I'm learning a lot off this one mod. The way I'm developing this right now is all of my test changes are being done on a version based off of the previous release and when I've tested everything, I'll be making all the changes to a clean copy of This means that the control options that I cut will be restored without me doing JS, though I will remove LIVE features. Plus it means that anything that didn't work and all the hacky stuff for testing won't be in the next release so the finished release will be a smaller size than what I'm currently working with. Also I'm pretty sure I know how to add MC and Arbiter into the Campaign lobby background. If I do I'm thinking of adding 2 elites with them too because why not? Some string changes are done, Subtitle toggling is back, I'm also removing unneeded strings left over from the alpha and beta versions of the game, if removing LIVE strings doesn't cause any problems (which it shouldn't) I'll remove those as well. Pretty sure that's it for this update.


Hello everyone. I wanted to provide details of the changes the Main Menu will see in a future release, as well as some things that may or may not be possible but I would like to try along the way. These changes are color coded depending on how likely they are to feature in the NEXT release, not how likely they are to feature in a future release. Green indicates that they are done/are a main priority and that it will be easy to do. These will feature in the next release. Yellow indicates that they are in progress/not started, that it is not as easy to do and may or may not feature in the next release. Red indicates that whether progress has started or not, this change will not be implemented in the next release.

String changes

Skulls This works fine as of the current release

Campaign Scoring This works fine as of the current release


Control Options Restored

Blue Filter/No Blue Filter Versions

Make "<_x_button/> Edit Campaign Options" string display in the lobby, one way or another. Probably through scn3 the way it's looking.

Change Campaign camera position

Add Arbiter and MC bipeds to campaign backdrop

[unlikely but possible, somehow?]Change main spartan model to Player's Spartan model?

Also, would be cool

Add screenshots to main menu list because space. Remove screenshots from media tab in start menu. idk.


Thank you all for taking the time to read this.


P.S: What to expect when you DON'T have the campaign maps...







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