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Need a modder to edit TRUSTYSN00ZE's Tron gametype in Halo Reach

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Hi everyone.  A couple of years ago I asked TRUSTYSN00ZE on Xbox Live to make a Sharpshooter gametype (that we used to play in Halo 4) for me and 550 people in my Halo Reach custom game clan.  So, 1 month later he did, while also adding Gun Game features to it and named it Weapon Wielders instead.  Then I asked him if he could make the one final gametype that we would love to have, that we also played in Halo 4 - Speed Limit, where your vehicle will blow up if you don't maintain a minimum speed limit.  Soon later he did, while also adding Tron trails to the vehicles and named it Tron instead.  But the problem is: if you have more than a handful of people playing it, the vehicle trails don't kill you, so the trails are pointless.  I asked him if he could remove the trails but he said he's too busy at school and doesn't have his Xbox with him.  So now, I am here asking if anyone else who is a modder can please edit his Tron gametype for me and my big clan so that it doesn't have trails attached to the vehicles, but you still have to maintain a minimum speed so you won't blow up (Speed Limit, which is what I asked for).  The gametype Tron is in his fileshare, but it needs to be edited.  Or you could start a new gametype from scratch instead, if that would be easier.  If you can't help, that's fine.  If you can, great - we would all very much appreciate it.  Time doesn't matter - you can do it whenever you'd like.  Now that's it's the summer, it would be the perfect time to do so when most people are home from school.  But please don't ask me for any money because all of the modded gametypes out there were made for free, including the ones I asked for above.  I'm also partially handicapped so I don't have money to give anyway.  I appreciate all you can do for us.  I'm sure the kids would have a blast playing it, as they currently are while playing my 400+ different maps.  Thank you. 





(Halo custom game host for 9 years since Halo 2)


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