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Halo 3 campaign map porting problem

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Hello there. So I didn't want to make a thread to waste peoples' times, but I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find an answer to my problem


I've read the tutorial for porting campaign maps to multiplayer, and assembly guides posted within the tutorials forum for Halo 3, however, I didn't find anything relating to the problem that keeps persisting for me. I've managed to move a campaign map from singleplayer to multiplayer, images work fine, etc, and I can load the game in slayer just fine, but if I try to load the game on forge, the game instantly ends and it says I've won the game, I don't understand how to fix this.


I've downed it to a problem with team games like team slayer or forge (because forge is a team game).


I triple checked my spawns in scnr in Assembly, and still haven't found a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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