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Halo 2 warthog run restored

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So I was informed about the warthog run bsp that was never used and after looking at it, I wanted to restore it. It took a while, but it's finally finished. You guys must know how much I love my warthog runs, and halo 2 was my favorite halo, I just couldn't resist.

This restoration includes:

-manually injected sounds
-manually injected warthog (95%)
-fixed masterchief warthog animations
-lots of scripts
-added ai and trigger volumes
-mostly fixed lightmaps
-mostly smooth bsp transition
-modified cutscenes
-modified scenery animations
-more scripts
-custom pelican crash animation
-fixed massive horizontal gravity lift
-injected modified mjolnir mix theme with guitar in loop
-added some audio to flood juggernaut
-fixed flood juggernaut death animation
-and other cool stuff

the only things that were originally from the map was the bsp, and two of the cortana lines, and pathfinding for the bsp, the rest was added by me, all ai spawns, pelican crash, spinning cap, etc

 I would like to thank some people for help on various parts, Akarias, Gamecheat13, Lord Zedd, and some devs from the project cartographer dev team.

Download link

currently waiting on someone for something. also found the generator distortion effect scenery wasnt spawning, fixed that. found nulled out scenery placements for this bsp which im confident is for the high_shipping_crate scenery, makes paths not so entirely straight. might add some buggers to lift or make lift a bit faster, and maybe add some crates.



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This is awesome af, sucks that it wont be ported to the xbox version, I planned on adding this to a map pack I am working on for halo 2, however that seems as if it wont happen, great job tho!

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