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Halo 2 Vista Playable Cutscenes

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Can play and walk around during every cutscene in the game. includes three short hidden scenes in "The Arbiter". Also added the part where Johnson and his marines about to get beheaded by brutes and Johnson climbs into the scarab. Also know that, since Halo 2 runs like s**t, the game will probably freeze at some point for no reason. Also, killing a character that needs to run another animation later, may freeze the game, so kill characters at your own risk. Not my fault, just shows how crap Halo 2 engine is. Also if you are moving around a lot when the game teleports  you in zero gravity, you will drift away from the intended course.

To play, download the sppf patches and apply them with the sppf patcher. I would use the assembly patcher, but its trash and every map has its meta expanded a few mb which makes assembly patches around 100mb, so we are going back to 2006 halo 2 patch programs. I will include the sppf program.

 I would like to thank some people for help on various parts, Akarias, Gamecheat13, Lord Zedd, and some devs from the project cartographer dev team.

Download link


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