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[Xbox] Halo 2: Mimesis Reborn Mappack

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This mappack was created by me and @ISOCheated. I hope you all enjoy, however expect bugs and what not. This mappack is nowhere near perfect.

It does contain some maps from other mappacks, however this project was just something for me and @ISOCheated to do in our free time.


[The mappack was originally a blast from the past re-creating the mimesis mappack that was released in mappack/patch/and dlc form. However I can not guarantee every map from the original mimesis is in this pack]


Keep in mind we are pretty new to halo 2 modding to this extent. I even created my own map in this pack and fixed up a few maps which had blackholes.

Also keep in mind that I apologize for the mainmenu music, injecting new music kept breaking the mainmneu (I created the mainmenu from scratch at least 6-7times). We do not plan on doing any bug fixes, mostly because some maps are "Protected" meaning they won't open in any editor or will error out upon opening them. So please keep a open mind when playing this mappack. This was our first time really modding halo 2, besides you know basic stuff back in the day.



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