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Help moving/injecting tags from one map into another(campaign) -xbox

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I have Insolence. I can move tags. I can move single player weapons into multiplayer maps(like adding fuel rod gun/major sentinel beam) and Entity reads them just fine. But when i attempt to move some tags..say Magnum or SMG into 0b_deltacontrol 
, Entity starts spewing out errors.

I know one can inject tags(for example the Warthog run video on the front page contains the warthog that was manually injected) but I have no idea what I am doing.  I understand that when i moved a tag from one map into another i increased the map's size and I guess I need to change its Meta Size? but for MP maps I pasted like 4 different tags and I didnt need to change anything they loaded just fine. Im at a loss what to do

edit: after doing some research and like 30x map crashes i found out that Insolence shouldn't be used in tag moving. That I need to use Entity only. But following this tutorial my maps still crash and freeze. I just want to be able to port the flood juggernaut/weapons that arent in some maps into others. On a side the linked thread the comment on the bottom...the real @blackdimund?

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