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Forge World AI

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Well, I make this thread to release an old .MAP mod I made almost 4 years ago.

Since I saw that H3 AI PG I always wondered to have a Reach version of it, as Reach's AI was the best for me.

Although a Reach version was never made in the end so I thought why don't I do it myself?

So I did. But a bug involving Kat didn't let me continue so I stopped there. I saw someone else ask for it quite a while ago, but it took me a while to release it LOL

So here's my most stable build:



It cannot be considered an AI PG because it is not perfect.

Might/might not continue it, although I may start it over.





1. Almost all AI in the game except:


Heavy and Spec Ops variants of Grunts.

A few Elite ranks.



Forgot if Marines are there as well.

2. Contains four Elite AI for testing, however they have different colors due to them being created for a cancelled machinima.

3. Certain AI characters wield different weapons:

Grunts Minor, Major and Ultra use, in order, Plasma Pistol, Needler and Plasma Rifle.

Noble Team use their weapons as well, including Jorge.


Known bugs:



Brute Chieftain's shaders are messed up, most notably the armor pieces.

Elites' third person animations for single handed weapons was bugged, so I had to make them use a Plasma Repeater instead of Plasma Rifle.

Not quite a bug, but once Jorge dies you can get his chaingun.



Hasta la próxima, Spartans.

Maydelcore, fuera.

Edited by Alejandro MiddleCorn

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6 hours ago, FederalGOKU said:

thanks for this! been waiting for someone to make one for halo reach

Good you like it.

It is not complete though, so I may need to add more sh*t Lol

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