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Brute Campaign Mod - "The Great Journey"

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Hey ya'll, Scott here. I've been working on this mod for a while and now I have it in a state that I'm happy to release it in.
I present to you a Brute Campaign mod for the mission The Great Journey.

Video + Screenshots


Download Links:
Brute Campaign Mod:
Assembly (to apply the patch):
BluTrainer (third-person tool):

Player changes:
- Play as a Brute Captain
- Increased player grenade toss velocity
- Increased player jump height
- Gave all Brutes recharging health (slow)
- Working third-person melee animations

Attempted to incorporate as many of the unused spawns as possible in this mod, there is quite a few on 
the final level.
- Extra friendly spawns at the beginning of the mission
- Teammate spawn after the bridge section

ALL encounters in the level have been changed, not all are just simple Brute to Elite conversions.
- Inclusion of multiple Hunter encounters
- Enemy encounters turned friendly encounters

- Changed what spawns in weapons crates (as plasma pistol and needler spawns are useless for the player)

Special Thanks To:
xScruffyDaSasquatchx - for playtesting the mod,
TobyMac01 - for suggestions.

Edited by Sod
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