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[Req] Beyond Reach / Summerset Isle

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Hello everyone!

(Sorry if I have posted in the wrong place, since this is my first post - just let me know if there is a problem and I shall move it!)

New to the forum, but very interested in modding some new lands mods for the RGH'd Xbox 360!

I have attempted to convert Beyond Reach and Summerset Isle myself using the wonderful tutorial here on the forum, yet have some problems:

I have able to get Beyond Reach functional (with funky graphical errors, as shown in the attachments), however my Xbox crashes and restart as soon as I attempt to travel to the new land. This, I have deduced, is due to the texture sizes or attempting to load a video. The latter idea came from modding in Falskaar, which had such a similar crash that disappeared once I removed videos from the files, though I am sure it is the former.

(Note: these mods contain loose files, which I have copied into the Data folder in the Skyrim Game folder (/Xbox 360 Games/Skyrim/Data/).

(Note 2: I am using Skyrim: Legendary Edition as my base.) 



My workflow, slightly different to the tutorial shown above, is as follows:

1. Use Ordenador ( to reduce the textures. My settings are shown below:


I downsample both the BSA file and the Loose images. I have tried with numerous iterations of the downsampling, (halving the textures once, twice and three times over several passes), but nothing much changes the crash. I assume this means I will have to downsample the textures myself?

2. Use BSAopt (BSAopt) to convert to Xbox 360. This is performed exactly as per the above tutorial, exactly as described.

3. Use LeFluffie (LeFluffie) to convert the resulting .bsa and  the original .esm file to an Xbox 360 DLC file. I tried to use Velocity (Velocity) program suggested in the tutorial above, yet this resulted in a 'DLC File Corrupted' message from Skyrim. I therefore followed this tutorial, exactly as described:

4. Copy the DLC file to the Content folder on the Xbox and the loose files to the /Xbox 360 Games/Skyrim/Data/ folder.

This has given me the best success so far. If anyone can help me understand what it is I need to do, I will happily take the time to convert the mod! Else, if someone knows better than I do, please can I request these mods?

Many thanks and kindest regards!




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