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Halo 3: The Great Schism (Overhaul mod)

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Muy buenas, comunidad del modding. This is the first release of the overhaul mod for Halo 3: The Great Schism.

This mod brings some new features to the game as well as bringing back some others that went absent from previous games, mostly the reincorporation of old Elite enemies.

Missions uploaded:

Sierra 117, Crow's Nest, Tsavo Highway and The Storm.

Next update:

Floodgate, The Ark and the Covenant

What's new to the mod for version 1.0:


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DMR. Still has some BR assets, but it works as expected and has greater zoom. It isn't as common as the BR.

Brute Plasma Rifle. Works just like it's Halo 2 counterpart and can now be used by other units.

Brute Plasma Pistol. Based on the one from SPV3. Fires three bolts per shoot, slower than default Plasma Pistol, wastes more battery and has an overcharged shot of a firebomb grenade.

(Note: None of these three weapons replace the originals)

CE Assault Rifle. For v1.0 it still has it's Halo 3 crosshair, might change it for new versions.

Needler now fires slower like in Halo 2 and has 20 needles per magazine like in Halo CE. Certain Jackals can now be seen using it like in Halo 3:ODST.

Energy Sword can now strike as soon as it is taken out like back on Halo 2.


=Enemy encounters=

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Some Brutes now use the new weapons.

Jackals will sometimes use the BPP like in SPV3 and as levels go they will eventually get to use the secondary shot. Certain Sniper Jackals also use it as secondary weapon.

Heavy Grunts will now always use the Spiker no matter what. Only exceptions will include their encounters with a Fuel Rod Gun.

Starting on The Storm, Ultra Grunts will use the overcharged shot of the Plasma Pistol.

Several encounters have been replaced with Elite encounters. Some squads are random, others appear on higher difficulties (they don't appear on Tsavo Highway).


=Other stuff=

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Elites N'tho Sraom and Usze 'Taham will now aid the player with the Arbiter. This mod is not meant to be played 3 or 4 player Co-op at the moment.

Some Marines will spawn using the DMR by default. This was made in order to have it throughout the levels until I find a way to add it to weapon boxes or other places.

Some Elites can go berserk under certain circumstances and pull out an Energy Sword. Minors and Majors don't count.



Sierra 117

Crow's Nest

Tsavo Highway

The Storm

=Known bugs=

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Missions Crow's Nest and The Storm can have brief freezing moments at "Loading" points. This is because I had to turn some zonesets on for the whole mission in order to have some stuff spawning correctly. No crashing whatsoever.

Brute Plasma Pistol's assets aren't complete. When overcharging the gun it still has green effects. I still don't know how to fix that. Otherwise it works fine.

DMR's projectile is buggy on Crow's Nest while inside the main base. Once you go on to face the first Grunts, it goes back to normal.

Not a bug, but N'tho and Usze just don't appear during cutscenes. At the moment this can't be changed.



TheVengeful'Vadam- Testing and tips for certain weapons.

Akarias- Helping me edit Brute Plasma Pistol's propierties.

ShrektFam- For his idea of injecting H3:ODST's BPR shaders.


=Previews (Sierra 117)=

20190820 143026.JPG

20190820 141734.JPG

20190820 141543.JPG

20190820 141246.JPG

Edited by Alejandro MiddleCorn
Added credits.
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I dig it. I'm curious as to how you added additional weapons into the sandbox and without replacing originals. The spv3 implemented features are pretty cool

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