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How can I add new units in Firefight?

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I want to add in special armor types w/ elite spawns specifically.

Like Marshall, zealot, etc.

I wouldn’t mind just swapping out another wave-enemy type if it could be as simple as adding the armor elements.

Can it be done in this early at all?  Any help much appreciated.

I think it has something to do with squads, but how the heck do you use the templates?


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Quick and dirty:

1) Find the elite hlmt tag, and scroll down to the "variants" box. Click twice on the number in the top right corner "0-10 (11)" and tap the up/down arrow keys till you find the variant you want to add. For example, when you get to "6-10 (11)" the Zealot comes up. The left-most number at the top-right corner is the "variant index", so take note of that number [in other words from "6-10 (11)" remember the number 6 ].

2) Next, find the "char" tags, and pick a char to use as a base (i.e. elite_general). Right click the elite-general class, and pick "duplicate", name your new tag (i.e. elite_zealot) and click "ok".

3) Now, open your new char tag (i.e. elite_zealot) and spot the "variants" box (should be the first box). Change the variant name (i.e. general) to your new name (i.e. zealot). Change the variant index to the number you found in the hlmt tag (i.e. #6). You can also change the health and shields under the "vitality properties box". Click the save button at the bottom when you are done.

4) Finally, look through the "wave" tags to find waves where you want to include your new variant. For example, pick wave_templates\elites, click the arrow icon to open its squad template, and change the char tag under "actors" to your new class. Keep in mind there are usually multiple squads to scroll through (number in the top right) under each squad template. Always save when you are done.

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