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Campaign AI Weapon modding

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Hola qué tal gente de XboxChaos, here's Maydelcore with a new tutorial on how to replace the weapons certain AI enemies/allies are holding in campaign mode.

This applies to both Halo 3 and Reach, so there are no differences at all. However, this is meant to be done for the RGH/JTAG version so I'm not sure if this would work on PC. Although it should in reality.

There might be simplier ways to do this but this is the way I've succesfully replaced some AI's weapons. Two methods I know work perfectly.

Take in mind this is not for the AI Spawns as it is a completely different process. This is meant to modify enemies spawned via squads.

I know there might be tutorials that talk about this, but as far as I've seen none of them sets this part clear.

Let's get to it:

Things required:

  • Assembly.
  • .MAP file you want to mod.
  • Adjutant (optional).
  • Notepad (optional).
  • Lots of patience.

=Method 1 (Halo 3)=

1. Open Assembly and open up the campaign map you desire. Mine will be (The Covenant) from Halo 3.

2. On the tag search bar look for [scnr] or scenario tag and open it.



Tut 1.png

3. Once opened, you'll have to take in mind three specific blocks, but only one of them will be modified. These blocks are Character Palette, Weapons Palette and Squads. You can look for them in the Search bar inside the tag tab.


Character Palette



Tut 2.png


Weapon Palette



Tut 3.png





Tut 4.png



The Character and Weapon Palettes are to know which IDs correspond to which AI characters or weapons. In The Covenant's case, there are 21 IDs for weapons and 33 for characters (all start from 0).

4. So now I want all Elite AI to spawn with Fuel Rod Guns right when they first appear (out of the Phantoms). What I have to do is find the correct squad and modify the weapon ID so it matches the Fuel Rod Gun. Now, all Halo games have high amounts of squads for each level, and this level's case is 250 squads. While it can be tough to find the correct one, once you get it it won't be too much problem. It helps to take a look on the character ID shown on "Character Type" under the Base Squad block under "Squads" block (Elite's case is 19).

(Note: Adjutant can come to help here to find the locations of the squads)

5. Once I've found the correct squad, now I have to check on the weapon palette. As the Elites on those two Phantoms of the third tower all spawn with Plasma Rifles, all I need to modify is the "Initial Primary Weapon". Plasma Rifle's ID is 6, and the Fuel Rod's is 14, so I just have to switch them. As an extra, the "Initial Secondary Weapon" bit obviously gives them a secondary weapon, though somewhat useless for them to use.



Tut 5.png



As there are actually many squads that feature Elites in this level, but most are useless, I just modified all Elite squads that had the Plasma Rifle as a weapon as there are some that appear weaponless.

(Note: In that pic I placed the wrong number on the Primary Weapon, and this obviously makes them spawn with a different weapon).

6. Once you're done with this, hit "Save", then play the mission until you get the desired moment. If the AI spawned correctly with the weapons you made them spawn with, then you're done.

You can do this for nearly any AI in the game. Although there might be some trouble with weapons that don't exist on certain zonesets, so you might need to do other stuff I'm not well informed.

On my first test, I gave the Elites the Energy Sword. However, due to the sword not being loaded in that area outside of the third tower, all Elites spawned weaponless. I thought the sword appeared in the whole level all along, but I guess I was wrong.

For this method, if you place two dual wieldable weapons in the Initial Weapon bits and the character is able to dual wield, then the character will spawn dual wielding both weapons. Although so far this only happens to Elites and Spartans on Halo 3. Haven't tried this dual wield thing for Reach, but I guess it works the same way.


=Method 2 (Reach)=

Follow the same first steps and the same blocks. However, Reach functions differently on it's squads' coding and there are three new blocks specifically for the characters and the weapons the AI uses.

The blocks it uses are "Squad A", "Actors" and "Weapons", all of them under the "Squads" block.

They look like this:


Tut 7.png


Tut 8.png

Following the steps 3-5, just replace the correct values in the corresponding block.

Remember all maps have different IDs for any AI and weapon, so always check the "Character Palette" and "Weapon Palette"

In this map's case (m10), the character ID 12 is for "marine" (Army Trooper), and the weapon ID 4 is for the Magnum. If you play with the numbers shown on the palette, then many results can come.

This should affect Firefight maps as well. And due to all weapons being available for those maps, no zoneset stuff needs to be made.


=Method 3 (not perfect, applies to both)=

1. Open the [scnr] tag and go to the "Weapon Palette".

2. Just replace the weapon AI normally uses with the one you desire.



Tut 6.png


As a note, when doing this one you're forcing that weapon to be replaced by another anywhere it is supposed to spawn. Anywhere means anywhere, even if they are set to spawn on the floor.

If a certain AI character cannot wield that weapon, there is a chance for it to spawn weaponless, though some enemies such as Brutes and Elites are actually able to wield almost any weapon.

Again, if the weapon you desire isn't loaded in a zoneset, it will just not appear there. In Halo 3 this normally happens to the Energy Sword and the Rocket Launcher, but most other weapons seem fine.

Hope this tutorial is useful.

As always, any doubt or bug you come to notice you can always post it here and I'll try to check it out.

One last thing: If you place any number that doesn't link to any character or weapon, then nothing will spawn and can make the AI weaponless. This is why some squads appear with their "Initial Primary Weapon" bit with a "-1", meaning they're not supposed to carry a weapon.

Edited by Maydelcore
Fixed some wrong details.
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Thanks, I managed to somehow remove all weapons from brutes and all elites had swords.

Now I’m testing if I can disarm elites. 

Appreciated the time. :)

Edit: yay. Disarmed. I had to go into elite/ai and remove the energy sword as when I null, it was defaulted. :D

Edited by LucineAura

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