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Trait Profiles Not Working?

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I am trying to use Assembly to edit the default player traits and powerup effects in game_engine_settings.wezr, but from what I can tell, Reach PC completely ignores whatever you change here.

In Eldewrito, I was able to freely edit all this stuff in Assembly without issues; I could edit the Overshield and Active Camo into whatever I wanted just as if it were a custom powerup. I could change the default player traits and then they would just work without having to load a custom gametype. However, in Reach PC these changes are entirely ignored and the game just loads the vanilla player traits and powerup functionality regardless.

Anyone know how to bypass this limitation? My first thought was maybe the game loads a .wezr from the shared or campaign maps instead, but they don't appear to contain any tags.

EDIT: I'm guessing Megalo is overriding whatever trait profiles are in the map tags when the game loads?

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