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Forge Can't Place Grenade Launcher With Default Ammo?

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Normally when you pick up a fresh Grenade Launcher, it comes with a total of 8 grenades (or whatever number is in Rounds Total Initial in the tags), but weapons placed in Forge use the "spare clips" count set in the Forge UI, which maxes out at 5.

Thus, if you add a GL to a map which didn't have one before, it won't have the default amount of ammo; it will have whatever was set in Forge's "spare clips" setting (3 by default, 5 max). However, if you start with one of Bungie's map variants and simply move an existing grenade launcher without pressing X to look at its properties, then it will still include the ammo amount defined in the tags (i.e. 8+). So basically you can't add grenade launchers to any maps which didn't already have one and still have it include the intended ammo amount.

Is there a way to expand the number of "spare clips" Forge will let you add via hex editing or whatever? Or do we just have to hope 343 notices this problem and fixes it for the official PC launch of Forge?

EDIT: For now my workaround is to add a custom grenade ammo equipment to Forge, which can then be placed close enough to grenade launcher placements that you can't pick up with launcher without receiving the additional ammo amount. 

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