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Alola Stein

A Beginner's Guide to Assembly Tags

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So i made this a short list of things any user of Assembly can change without much in-depth knowledge of Blamscript /Forceloading /Injection.

I will update this in the future whenever possible

I]airs - airstrike

1.>Initial Shot Delay - 0.1
2.>Time Armed - 
3.>Recharge Time (seconds) - 0.1
4.>Delay Between Shots - 0.3
5.>Total Shots Fired - 16

II]bipd - biped
1.>Go to Change Color ->Initial Permutations ->Color Lower Bound
                  ->Color Upper Bound
Melee Attack is Fatal
Can Dual Wield
3.>Dialogue Variants    ->Grenade Velocity
        ->Grenade Type
        ->Grenade Count
4.>Weapons ->Weapon
Immune to Falling Damage
Spawn Death Children on Destroy
Jump Velocity
Climb any Surface
7.>Contact Points
Death Spawn Character
Death Spawn Count
III]char - character
1.>General Properties
Flags    -> Dual Wields
    ->Cannot Swap Weapons With Player
    ->Revive on Death
2.>Weapons ->Weapon
3.>Vitality Properties
Vitality Flags ->Can Revive on Death
Normal Body Vitality
Normal Shield Vitality
Legendary Body Vitality
Legendary Shield Vitality
Extended Shield Damage Threshold
Extended Body Damage Threshold
Backup Weapon
4.>Charge Properties
Melee Consider Range
Melee Chance
Melee Attack Range
Melee Abort Range
Melee Attack Timeout
Melee Attack Delay Timer
Berserk Weapon
5.>Evasion Properties
6>Cover Properties
7.>Grenade Properties
8.>Equipment Properties ->Equipment
             ->Usage Chance
IV]chgd - chud_globals_definition
1.>Global Dynamic Colors
V]eqip - equipment
Does Not Cause Collision Damaga
2.>Change Color ->Initial Permutations    ->Color Lower Bound
                ->Color Upper Bound
VI]hlmt - model[Can be used to make NPCs /Allies,Enemies,Vehicles have Invinciblity along with Increased Health & Vitality]
1.>Go to Omaha Damage Info ->Check the Flag that says "Cannot Die From Damage" to get Invincibility for UNSC Marines /Army Troopers and in order to get
Undamaged and Indestructible Vehicles go to Base Vitality and change the numerical value to 1E+38,Vitality Percentage to 1E+38 and if needed change Health Levels to 1E+38.
2.>Omaha Targets    ->Lock-On Distance
3.>Nodes ->Flags    ->Active Camo Always On
        ->Active Camo Always Merge
        ->Active Camo Never Merge
4.>To change the Warthog's Default Back go to warthog.hlmt->Child Object and change it to any other warthog variants such as Gauss Warthog,Rocket Warthog,
Troop Transport Warthog,etc.
[Note :This changes all spawning Warthogs's back on a map to the one you select.
However this may not always work as some variants may be in the .map file but not loaded on the map and may require Forceloading(Using this can crash the game so do some extra information gathering on how to spawn such objects).]
5.>Omaha Instant Responses
Damage Threshold
VII]jpt! - damage effect
Does Not Hurt Owner
Can Cause Headshots
Does Not Hurt Friends
Detonates Explosives
Causes Flaming Death
Does Not Hurt Player
VIII]matg - globals
1.>AI Globals
2.>Player Control
3.>Player Trait Defaults ->Shields and Health
          ->Weapons and Damage
4.>Player Information
IX]proj - projectile
Does Not Cause Collision Damage
2.>Projectile ->Flags
AI Must Use Ballistic Aiming
Detonation Max Time If Attached
Has Super Combining Explosion
Damage Scales Based On Distance
Travels Instantaneously
Can Track Behind Itself
Faster When Owned By Player
Collision Radius
Danger Radius
Timer min
Timer Max
Maximum Range
Detonation Damage
Impact Damage
Air Damage Range max
Water Damage max
Acceleration Range max
X]scen - scenery
1.>Change Color ->Initial Permutations    ->Color Lower Bound
                ->Color Upper Bound
XI]scnr - scenario
1.>Vehicle Palette
2.>Equipment Palette
3.>Weapon Palette
4.>Player Starting Profile    ->Primary Weapon
            ->Rounds Loaded
            ->Rounds Total
            ->Secondary Weapon
            ->Rounds Loaded
            ->Rounds Total
            ->Starting Frag Grenade Count
            ->Starting Plasma Grenade Count
a}To change the number of Allies /Enemies NPCs Spawning in a map go to the specific Trooper Squad A->Count and change its value.
b}To change the weapon of Allies /Enemies NPCs go to Single Locations of a Squad Entry /Desired Index selected and change the Initial Primary Weapon Value to a weapon of choice[Use the Weapon Palette to get the number of that Weapon] and if needed change the Initial Secondary Weapon to get a Trooper with his Secondary Weapon on their back. [Note: Look for Name - trooper/1_warthog/crew]
c}Grenade Type
Flags ->Dynamic Firefight Squad
6.>Squad A
Secondary Weapons
Vehicle Variant
7.>Squad B
8.>Character Palette
9.>Script Expressions
How to Get Unlimited Airstrikes on ONI: Sword Base [Third level of Halo: Reach]
Go to the Scnr->Script Expressions :-
Change the Values of Value 03,02,01,00 to 127 for all 4 of these expressions.
XII]sqtm - squad_template
1.>Squad    ->Difficulty ->Easy
2.>Actors ->Character
3.>Weapons ->Weapon
4.>Secondary Weapons
Vehicle Variant
XIII]vehi - vehicle
Does Not Cause Collision Damage
2.>Collision Damage
3.>Unit    ->Melee Attackers Cannot Reach
    ->Not Instantly Killed By Melee
    ->Unit Has Boost
Detached Weapon
XIV]weap - weapon
2.>Melee Damage
Weapon Aim Assist
3.>Target Tracking
Rounds Total Initial    [32767]
Rounds Total Maximum
Rounds Total Loaded Maximum
Maximum Rounds Held
Rounds Reloaded
5.>New Triggers
Charging Time    [Note:For the Mark 2488 Onager Set it to 0.1]
Flags    ->Tracks Fired Projectile
    ->Can Fire With Partial Ammo
    ->Fires Locked Projectiles
a)Rounds Per Second min
b)Rounds Per Second max
c)Shots Per Fire min
d)Shots Per Fire max
e)Fire Recovery Time    [For Mark 2488 Onager ->0.5,For Rocket Warthog ->0.1]
f)Soft Recovery Fraction
g)Rounds Per Shot
h)Barrel Spin Rate
i)Rounds between Tracers
Projectile ->Projectiles Per Shot
7.>Initial Projectile ->Change the Projectile of a weapon to another weapon,spawn an object like a weapon,vehicle,biped [NPCs] in the map.
Firing Effect Deceleration Time
Rate Of Fire Acceleration Time
Rate Of Fire Deceleration Time
Bloom Rate of Decay
XV]wezr - game_engine_settings_definition
1.>Trait Profiles
2.>Shields and Health
3.>Weapons and Damage
Jump Height
7.>AI Trait Profiles
8.>General Settings
9.>Respawn Settings
10.>Map Overrides
12.>Survival Variants
General Settings
Respawn Settings
Social Settings
Map Overrides
Loadout Pallete
13.>Scenario Flags
Elite Respawn Settings
Unknown Skulls

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