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Firefight Against UNSC - Beachead

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This is a modified version of ff50_park/Beachhead that reverses the roles based on a map mod i did a long time ago for the original version of reach.
Instead of fighting the Covenant, you fight the UNSC instead.



Nexus Mods


  • Announcers have been swapped.
  • Elite HUD
  • Player Spartans on the blue team. (WIP)
  • Working FP animations for elites
  • Player Elites have custom armour colours and armour effects.
  • Fight against Marines and more!


  • Player Spartans have elite hud colours
  • Player customization is not fully working due to me trying to get player elites to have custom armour on the red team. (Player Customization Globals are finicky)
  • Jetpack ODST's drop their jetpack equipment that is not synced in MP. (Appears for non-hosts)
  • Not all waves have been replaced so you might wanna use the ones down below or use the preset gametypes in the downloads.
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