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[Help] Forge Coordinates Nudge Fine Tune

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Posted (edited)

Ive been searching through Assembly, online, and the site here with little avail to try and accomplish somthing pretty small, but in turn may help others in the future (be cool in a RTE tool) if it's even possible at that. Hoping some amazing peeps here can give me some guidance or even a resolution, which might turn out to be somthing supper easy hopfully Im just missing???

Im attempting/wanting to modify the "edit coordinates" feature while forging more specifically the "Edit Coordinates > Nudge (X,Y,Z width, depth, height)"

As an example: Placing a Crate/Object at the very bottom of a map it's coordinates for "height" or "Z" might be 0.0 and increasing it by one increment would be 0.1........Wow...yup........

But point being, is that theres is a Lot of Range between 0.0 and 0.1 and in a multitude of cases when forging (even "perfectly" snapping the coordinates in to exact matching numbers) object still are slightly off/not aligned...causing peeps like me to manually slam the object around does eventually align perfectly hence "Theres a LOT of Range between 0.0 and 0.1" 

So now...finally the questions...

Anyone know:

1. - First if it's even possibly to use Assembly to "Increase/Extend" the Range when  "Nudge"ing  an object? (as possibly the structure of the whole game is completely "Locked" to its standard coordinates and can't be edited)-( or if it's locked how can the extra range be preset/possibly accessible through other methods?)  

2. - If it can be edited, would it be !1! single edit to the "editor_gizmo" or somthing forge related/style/similar/map ...or... an edit to each individual forge object themselves? (as I'm unsure what to edit/where to look due to the state the object/gizmo/map go into once:

(1. objects grabbed by the forge editor gizmo 2. Then you go into the "Edit Coordinates > Nudge" portion of the menu while forging??? (idk im dumb scum)

3. - If it can be edited ((the sequal)) I'm supposing the "Extra Range" as it appears to be "quartered aka 1/4-ed" so Id like to edit it accordingly:

In between 0.0 and 0.1 >>>> now would be edited to have: 

0.0      >>   0.25    0.50    0.75  <<      0.1

[Even if they can't be represented onscreen while forging or it just itself takes way too much time (has to be done to each object) to add the numerical display of whats goin on under the hood in real time doesnt really matter much but would be just a cool bonus]   

Anyways.....anyway for me to manually add in that extra tiny tiny bit of range for faster forging perfection and alleviate even just a few headaches around for some fellow Reach Architechs? Thanks for any info at all in advance even possibily of no possibillity....probably shoulda just started and finished with this one paragraph...

Edited by SolariumScum

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