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Halo 3 crashes when injecting weps/chars into another BSP

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I tried to enable energy swords/rockets/hunters in all sections of the level The Covenant and it works fine until I get to the section with the first tower. It sort of works until I click on the elevator and when I ride it the game crashes and sends me back to the main menu. 

Any ideas what is causing this? Out of memory?

edit: its sort of working but the game slows down to 1-5 FPS(its like you activated slow mode a la FEAR) but how is it possible? It cant be because of 2-3 extra tags? Ive seen gamecheats MP map spawn everything and no lag.

Is it somehow possible to "reduce" the workload? Ive tried removing all "equipment" all "weapons on the ground", removed all barriers, changed most crates to plasma battries(which i then explode) but still mass lag. 

Is it possible to cut corners soemwhere? remove some "useless" tag that takes up CPU? 

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