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What is wrong with my script?

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So halo 2 has at least one to 20+ broken squads or spawns in each level   but most require scripts to actually spawn. This particular case isnt really a "broken" spawn but rather this flood carrier in e1_fld_inf5 is never ever used. Never gets selected from the randomized spawn point pool that most floods spawns use in h2/h3 either.  Currently using ScriptToolsBeta and trying to get this third flood carrier to spawn in 07b_forerunnership. 

I dont understand what im doing wrong. Even when the scripts compile  the game never loads and sits at a white screen. Do i need to resign the map? Am I adding too many chunks to it so I changed the size of the map and it requires hex editing now? 

I was able to successfully restore e12_cov_inf1 squad which is completely missing but I didnt need to do any hex editing.

Here is my script. . The top are my edited ones and the bottom are from the vanilla game.

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