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Thought's on Halo Infinite's Campaign

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Let me start off by saying, if you haven't already finished the campaign, do so before reading as this will contain spoilers

Been a while since I've posted, but since some of us are probably experiencing other whereabouts in life, I don't expect a whole lot feedback. I certainly miss the old days, but once I stepped into Infinite and played through the entire campaign, something just sparked in me to bring up a topic about it on Chaos.

Couple days ago, I chatted with a developer in Technical Design who worked on the memories. I let him know how genuinely awesome the campaign was and how the story didn't feel comparably crappy to h4 & 5. Ofc he posed the question of which part in the campaign was my favorite, so I'd like to ask the same on everybody else's thoughts, opinions

  • Which part of the campaign, being an aspect, cutscene, or mechanic was your favorite?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall story?
  • Were you happy with the ending?

I'll start off with my response


My favorite aspect of the campaign was Esparza, the pilot. I felt that he was a character who modeled enthusiasm and hope while playing through the mission without taking away the core Halo vibe. Throughout the entire campaign, I felt very connected to him, and I never thought I'd say this, but I'm excited to see where 343 will carry him in H7. One other thing that struck me deeply was the music - it made me want to cry. I can tell the devs made a point of bringing back Halo's original soundtrack and mash it up beautifully which I couldn't go without noticing. Hopefully I'm not alone in this.

Before I rate Infinite's story, I must confess, I have only played up to H4 and I never actually played H5's campaign, but I have watched through all its cutscenes and ofc wasn't a huge fan. With that being said, minus the lack of experience with H5, I give Infinite's story an 9/10. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly is missing in the game, but I felt like some of the characters were introduced a little too quickly like the Harbinger, Grand Edict, and a minorly quick introduction to the banished, although they were announced long before. In a few cutscenes, it's not exactly weird to me that chief shed emotion for another spartan/Cortana, but I was caught off-guard a bit on a very small scale.

I was happy with the ending, and as I said before, I don't really have a say in Halo 5 for comparison, but I think it ended well with Cortana intending to do what was right in the end, even though it was really strange to me that she became power hungry in the first place. Personally, I have a thick skin and don't crack very often, but this was one of those times I couldn't bring myself together; this was primarily on behalf of seeing memories from the old Halo's and incorporating music with them that they retained. Seeing Cortana's message for Chief was enlightening, but made me sad nevertheless considering she was like a girlfriend to him hanging by a thread, as chief blamed himself that he couldn't save her. Altogether, in my opinion, the ending for me really wasn't bad at all.

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I'm speechless... really! What I personally enjoyed the most of this campaign varies from art design, to character dialogue, weapon and vehicle sandbox, player engaging the enemy by land and air...

The story is very simple to understand as the player fights against the Banished in order to save the UNSC personal trapped on Zeta Halo, to capture Cortana!

But for new players who haven't played the game, story is well written and simple just telling a small resume about what happened on earlier Halo history at the near end of the game.

I've done the campaign 4 times, first game-through was on Normal difficulty, collected every single audio log, searched for all ring clues as Forerunner broken rings, every skull, captured every FOB, killed every high value targets, collected all Spartan cores and Mjolnir armors, getting that 100% completion.

Anyways, the best part ?! This game is well made... BUT It is yet to become more fluent as future DLC is to come. The untold story and ending credits is a big hint of what to come!

Can't wait for that.

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