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What You Should Know About The Body Wave Wig

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Do you want to get a body wave wig? Body Wave Wig is one of the most popular hairstyles for black women. There is no doubt that the best quality and fashionable hairstyle can add more glamour and confidence. The whole hair forms a consistent deep S shape, and original waves also show a shiny feeling and appearance.Customers are used to asking about the shelf life of hairdressing products before buying them. Of course, besides the price, we also need to know the quality of hairdressing products and other factors that affect their shelf life. The best body waves last nearly 3-5 months. However, if properly maintained, the life of Body Wave Hair can be extended to about one year. 

How to Wash It?
Massages the hair with some shampoo by hand to loosen it, and then massages the hair in a circle. After that, wash the wig with cold/warm water from the root to the end, and then squeeze to remove excess water. Make sure you don't wring or twist your hair.

Wipe your hair dry with a towel, then apply nourishing conditioner to your Body Wave Lace Front Wig, and let it stand for a few minutes before rinsing. Make sure to avoid applying conditioner to delicate knots and roots. After that, the human hair is rinsed with cold water to seal the stratum corneum and add luster.

Blow Dry
Put your human hair wig on the wig rack to dry, and then apply some hair essence to your hair.

Wet your wig, then apply deep conditioner/hair mask on it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This will moisturize and restore some moisture in the hair, and help to make it softer and easier to shape. Another way to infuse water into wigs is to treat them with oil, such as Moroccan nut oil or coconut oil.

Life Tips to Body Wave Wig
1. Spend half an hour every wear caring for the body wave wig, which can prolong the life of the wig.
2. Take off your wavy wig when you sleep at night. We don't recommend you to sleep with your human hair wig on, because friction will knot the wig and cause wear, which will shorten its service life.
3. Regularly sew deep conditioner on body wavy wig.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit 

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