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How To Curl Your V Part Wig Without Damage

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V Part Wig have transformed the beauty industry and have taken hairstyling to a whole new height. You can easily style your wigs, color and curl or straighten them, and much more, without even damaging your hair. Heat styling can damage your wigs. However, there are more natural ways in which you can successfully style your wig. You will now have to make sure it stays in place. Because let’s face it, everyone fears the wig coming off and the embarrassment that follows. So today, we are going to talk about how to curl your wig them to give you that perfect look.

Ways On How To Curl Your Wig Without Damage
Before we start, it’s essential to understand that these are ways to curl your V Part Wig Human Hair.  

Using Curling Iron
Firstly, before you start the procedure, there is a common step, i.e., to clean, dry, and detangle your wig. Now for this procedure, you will have to first part the section which you wish to curl. Use a hair clip to secure the rest of the V Part Curly Wig. In the curling iron, you have to adjust the heat setting to the coldest. Wet the hair and then curl the hair, from top to bottom, around the tool.

With Rollers
As mentioned earlier, the wig needs to be cleaned and dried and detangled to start the procedure. With rollers, there can be inside rolls and outside rolls. You have to divide the hair into sections and work with a small portion of the hair. You can start by taking a small strand of hair and placing a roller at the tip. Now you will have to start wrapping the hair around the roller, from bottom to top.

Using Hot Water
Another way of how to curl your wig naturally without using direct heat is by using hot water. You will have to boil water in a vessel. After it's boiling, you will have to take it out and let it cool down to 78 - 82 degrees Celsius. Like the roller method, you will have to wrap a rod around the sections of hair. 

You will have to use either wooden dowel rods or perm rods to curl. And if you do not have these, you can use any other heat-safe tool like a wooden spoon. Before using perm rods, do not forget to wet the wig with normal water before you start curling. After all the sections are securely secured, you can dip the wig into hot water for 5-10 mins. 

To get firmer curls, you will have to leave the wig to dry for 3-4 hours with a rod in the hair. Alternatively, to dry, you can use a hairdryer. After it’s dry, you can pull out the rods gently and get the perfect springy curl. 

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit 

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